'No Lights, No Fuel' for Africa's Oil Giant

Fuel shortages have led to long waits at petrol stations across Nigeria. There have also been wdespread cancellation of domestic flights and cell phone service could be "serious degraded", according to a warning on Twitter Sunday from a leading mobil phone company, MTN. Airtel, another major mobile company, said on Facebook that "scarcity of diesel and other petroleum products is presently impacting negatively," Electricity production has dropped precipitously - to 1,327 megawatts from 4,800 in early 2015 - causing power outages throughtout the country. Nigerians have taken to social media to complain about the escalating shortages, and Finance Minister Ngozi accused oil marketers of "blackmail" to drive up prices.

Photo: Leadership

Nigerians are sitting in long lines to purchase fuel for their cars and generators at high prices as the energy crisis in the country worsens.


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