Is President Obama's Chicken War With South Africa Worth It?

The U.S. and South Africa have been engaged in a slow-burn chicken war for years, with President Barack Obama threatening to dump the Southern African nation from its trade preferences under the African Growth and Opportunities Act. Although the leaders of both countries discussed the issue in their phone conversation this week, the U.S. poultry sector needs to clean up its act and treat workers better before they deserve the advocacy of the White House, writes Gawain Kripke for Oxfam.

  • South Africa:   President Obama's Chicken War

    , 13 November 2015

    When it comes to US poultry, President Obama is picking the wrong fight - he should be working to improve the sector, not export our pathology. Read more »

The South African poultry industry negotiated a deal with the U.S. industry to accept 650,000 tons of U.S. poultry exports.


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