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Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development (Kuwait City)

KF Finances the Gambia Segment of OMVG Interconnection Project

A Loan Agreement was signed today in Kuwait, between the Government of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia and Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (the Fund), whereby the Fund will make a loan in the amount of seven million Kuwaiti Dinars (K.D.7,000,000/-), equivalent to about U.S. $ 23.8 million, to the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, to assist in financing The Gambia segment of OMVG Interconnection Project.

The Loan Agreement was signed by H.E. Abdou kooly - Minister of Finance and Economy , from The Gambia, who also signed the Project Administration Agreement together with Mr. Dawada Samba Sovv ,on behalf of Gambia River Basin Development Organization.