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African Development Bank (Abidjan)

54 African Artists. 54 Works. Inspiration: 'Illuminated Africa'

54 works of art by 54 contemporary African artists, one from each African country. Their source of inspiration: lighting up the African continent. Under the auspices of the African Development Bank Group and African Artists for Development (AAD), the travelling exhibit, "Lumières d'Afriques", opened its doors on Wednesday, April 27 at the Donwahi Foundation for contemporary art in Abidjan. More about the AfDB in this BRIEFING

President of the Africn Development Bank (AfDB) Akinwumi Adesina (center) and co-president of African Artists for Development (AAD), Matthias Leridon, greet the acclaimed Ghanaian coffin artist Paa Joe at the opening of the “Lumières d’Afriques” ("African Lights") exhibition held at the Donwahi Foundation for Contemporary Art in Abidjan, under the auspices of the AfDB and the AAD.