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GE Africa (Lagos)

This New Institute will Train 10,000 Kenyan Healthcare Workers

As part of a commitment to supporting sustainable healthcare development in Kenya, GE recently inaugurated the brand new $13 million GE Healthcare Skills and Training Institute, an education facility for healthcare professionals. The $13 million investment provides localized human capital development capabilities and builds on the Kenya's health ministry's ongoing $420 million health modernization program, which has new impact data demonstrating improved access to radiology services for patients and increased operational performance. Find out more about GE in Africa in this BRIEFING.

Photo: GE

Farid Fezoua, President & CEO, GE Healthcare Africa, Jay Ireland, President & CEO, GE Africa, Dr Cleopa Mailu, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health for Kenya, John Flannery, President & CEO of GE Healthcare

"Africa, despite having the world’s largest disease burden, has the lowest ratio of health workers per population. In recent work that IntraHealth conducted with the World Health Organization, we calculated that the global shortage of health workers will expand from 12 million to 18 million by 2030, with a 6 million shortage in Africa" - Dr. Kate Tulenko is VP, Health Systems Innovation at IntraHealth International