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GE Africa (Lagos)

'Healthcare in Africa Can Be On Par with the Rest of the World'

Africa will be short six million healthcare workers by 2030, and "six million mammography machines or six million of any technology won't fix that," writes John Flannery. Instead, the President and CEO at GE Healthcare believes work like the healthcare expansion effort the Ministry of Health in Kenya is currently undertaking will be what eventually bridges the healthcare gap between African countries and the rest of the world. Read more. More about GE in Africa in this BRIEFING

"Packed securely inside the boxes in the picture above was a new mammography system, being ferried upstream from the Port of Lamu in Kenya, where I traveled last month, to a small rural town, where women were in need of access to screening" - John Flannery, President and CEO at GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare partnered with the Nigerian government and USAID to train 1,300 midwives on portable ultrasound equipment – impacting two million expectant mothers and helping drive down maternal-infant mortality rates in the coming years.