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GE Africa (Lagos)

Tech & Training to Help Fight Egypt's 2nd Leading Cause of Death

According to the Center of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), strokes are the second leading cause of death in Egypt. GE Healthcare is equipping the Kasr El Ainy hospital in Cairo with a new brain stroke unit and providing crucial training for its operation. The new 34 bed-unit, serving approximately 50,000 stroke patients, will be one of the largest free-public units to serve a wide range of stroke patients across the Middle East. Read more. More about GE in Africa in this BRIEFING

Located at the Kasr El Ainy hospital, this unit will play a vital role in improving health in the city, given that stroke is the second leading cause of death in Egypt... GE Healthcare, which is equipping the unit with dozens of advanced respiratory care and patient monitoring devices, also is providing crucial training regarding the operation of this equipment to doctors, technicians, nurses and biomedical professionals.