Research Disproves Idea That Men Don't Look After Their Children

There are men who choose to be involved fully in the care of their children despite economic difficulty. A new study shows how.

Fathers, fatherhood.

  • Botswana:   Fathers Who Mentor Their Children's Talents

    Botswana Daily News, 9 June 2016

    It is not common to see fathers coaching their own children in sports, however, some have turned out to be great mentors and nurturers of their kids' talent. Read more »

  • Botswana:   Fathers Need to Be More Involved

    Botswana Daily News, 18 November 2015

    Fathers have been encouraged to be more involved in raising their children. Stepping Stones programmes coordinator, Mr Salani Gambule, made the plea at launch of the Men Care… Read more »


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