Will the Real African Owners of Wakanda Please Stand Up?

To answer the obvious question, no, Wakanda is not a real place, but it does have a specific location at which it exists in the Black Panther movie. There has been some debate over the location of Wakanda. Ethiopian audiences have cited their own country as it the only country in Africa not to be colonized. Congo has also showed excitement claiming the film has real historical roots in nuclear-age Congo and with some scenes from the movie shot on location from Mountain Rwenzori and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park, in southwest Uganda, who can blame them for staking their claim? All we know is that there is a little something for everyone in Wakanda for Africans.

  • Uganda:   Ugandans Claim Wakanda

    Observer, 5 March 2018

    Ugandans, who have two actors featured in Black Panther - Daniel Kaluuya and Florence Kasumba - have been busy showing why the African country Wakanda is actually Uganda, since the… Read more »

Black Panther.


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