School in Time of Ebola - Liberian Kids Teach Themselves

The deadly Ebola virus continues to tear its way through the heart of Liberia. The level to which the disease has been killing Liberians and its mode of transmission led the Liberian government to put a lid on the country's education sector, leaving Children trapped in their homes and not making it to school in September. more»

Malawian Student Short-Listed Among World's Top 15 Young Innovative Scientists

A student at the University of Malawi's Chancellor College, Mixon Faluweki, stands a chance of being crowned best young innovative scientist in the world.(File photo) more»

Are Disabled Kids in School After All?

A new study indicates that the majority of disabled children in the developing world are in some form of education. It's time for the debate to move on from "getting bums on seats" to focusing on the quality of education these children get and their overall school experience. more»

Frustrated Liberian Students Want Role in Fight Against Ebola

Without the prospect of going back to school any time soon, hundreds of students took to the streets of Monrovia to express their frustration. (file Photo) more»

Bringing African Voices to Children's Literature

The Golden Baobab Prizes for African children’s literature have revealed the 14 stories that made it onto their longlist for 2014. more»e

Nigerian House to Re-Examine Schools' Resumption Date

The Nigerian House of Representatives has asked its Committee on Education to take another look at the resumption date announced for private and public schools in the country. Amid the Ebola risk in the country. more»

Ebola Forces Liberian Government to Close Schools

The Liberian government has directed public and private primary and secondary schools to remain closed until October 13, as a measure to curb the spread of the Ebola virus. more»

The Language of Science Education - Between Two Trends

Should science be taught in native languages or in the global language of scientific research? more»

Nigeria Rolls out New School Curriculum

The Chairman, Board of Governors of the Jextoban Secondary School, Lagos, has described the introduction of a new curriculum in the nation's secondary schools as one of the best efforts made towards transforming the sector in recent times. more»

Conventional Education Fails to Deliver the Goods in South Africa

Education consumes nearly a quarter of the South African total budget, close to a quarter of a trillion Rand a year. Despite the spending, South Africa still has some of the worst outcomes in the world as far as literacy and numeracy are concerned. more»

First Batch of IT Students Graduate From Rwanda's Carnegie Mellon University

The Carnegie Mellon University has announced the graduation of its first class, not just in Rwanda, but in Africa at large. more»

Students Warned Against Criticising Unity State Governor

An official from South Sudan's Unity state has warned students against criticising the caretaker governor, Joseph Nguen Monytuel over the conflict destabilising the oil-rich region. more»

Skilled Yet Unqualified - Trials of the Fresh Graduate

The plight of fresh graduates is often overlooked in the Ethiopian labor market. Employment with no prior work experience is hard in Ethiopia. This reality is haunting policymakers in Ethiopia. (file photo) more»

Ethiopia, Somalia Sign Scholarship Provision Accord

The Ethiopian Ministry of Education and its Somali counterpart signed agreement on Wednesday to provide scholarship for Somali students in Ethiopia. (file photo) more»

Malala Tasks Nigerian Govt On 10.5 Million Out-of-School Children

The 17-year-old Pakistani education rights campaigner, Malala Yousafzai, has tasked the federal government to step up efforts at reducing the number of out of school children in Nigeria. (file photo) more»

Liberia Warned to Focus Resources on Literacy

Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan has warned that if Liberia does not put an end to illiteracy, it will be illiteracy that will put an end to Liberia. (file photo) more»

Can Schools Impliment Mother Tongue Policy in Rwanda?

The Rwanda Education Board (REB), has moved to ensure that schools comply with the 'Mother Tongue' policy, but some disagree with the plan. (file photo) more»

Creating Real Learning in Africa

Getting more students into substandard courses will do little for innovation. (file photo) more»

Action and Investment Needed to Universalize Education

Recent data show that progress in making education truly universal and inclusive, and the investment required to do so, have stalled. (file photo) more»

Returning LASU Students Will Not Pay New Tuition Fees

On Wednesday, The Lagos State University, LASU, Students Union said that returning students of the institution are yet to accept the new tuition fee announced by the university's Governing Council. (file photo) more»

Eight Killed in Kano School Blast

Eight people were killed and 25 others seriously injured in a bomb explosion at Kano State School of Hygiene mid day yesterday. (file photo) more»

Students Demand a Change Economics Education

Dissatisfied students from various institutions around the world insist that the dominant economics curriculum must change, as it inadequately reflects, or deals with, our current economic realities. (file photo) more»

LASU Students Reject 60 Percent Slash in Fees

Protesting LASU students. Students of the Lagos State University (LASU) have rejected the 60 per cent reduction in school fees offered by the state government on Wednesday. more»

We Rule the World, African Student Experiences at Cambridge University

Working with communities, the Kenyan government has passed a policy that aims to provide 60 percent of rural communities' energy needs from renewable sources by setting up primary schools as incubation centres for renewable energy. (file photo) more»

Lagos State Univ. Vice Chancellor, "I Stepped On Toes"

Student protests at Lagos State University. The Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University (LASU), Prof. John Oladapo Obafunwa, in this interview, links the crisis in the institution to the reaction of some people to the reform agenda of his administration. more»

Youth More Educated, Least Employed

The level of education amongst all South Africans has improved since 1994, but this has not translated into skilled jobs, especially amongst young people more»

Fighting for Girls' Right to Education

Access to education remains one of the rights that majority of girls have been deprived of because of early pregnancies,marriage, culture, and poverty. (file photo) more»

Fathers More Detached From Kids' Education Than Mothers

A report released by the National Taxpayers Association (NTA) shows that mothers are more involved in their children's education than fathers. (file photo) more»

Nigeria Teachers Want Protection, Insurance

Nigerian teachers in Borno and Yobe states are demanding that the government provide insurance for school staff against future terrorist attacks. (file photo) more»

Tanzania: More Education On Albinism Surest Way to Save Victims

A Zimbabwean student in South Africa: The president has stopped enrolling and paying for thousands of students under the presidential scholarship fund due to non-availability of funds to bankroll the programme. more»

Campaign to Open School Doors to Disabled Children

Speaking from Capetown, South Africa, Baboo says inclusive education is basically a "rights" approach to educating children, where they are included in the mainstream education system. (file photo) more»

Sudanese Security Cracks Down On Pro-Opposition Students

Sudan's National Intelligence and Security Services has carried out a massive arrest campaign against pro-opposition students amid escalating violence at the University of Khartoum. (file photo) more»

Activists Protest Pregnant Ugandan Students' Expulsion


A coalition of civil society health rights NGOs are protesting over the recent dismissal of pregnant students from Uganda Christian University, Kabale campus. (file photo) more»

Exploring the Establishment of an Open University for Ghana

When properly established, an Open University could satisfy the need for further education opportunities for the large number of people who require further and continuous education, especially teachers and workers in sectors of the economy that are subject to rapid changes in technology and organisation. (file photo) more»

Nigeria: Education as a Money-Making Enterpise

There has been an upsurge in sub-standard schools in Nigeria, due to the fact that a viable and progressive market has been identified in the education sector. (file photo) more»

Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted in Borno State

The Federal Government has made a passionate appeal to parents of 234 female students who were abducted by Boko Haram terrorists to give them more time for rescue operations. (file photo) more»

Boko Haram Says All Kidnapped Chibok School Girls Alive

The Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA) and Coordinator, National Information Centre (NIC), Mr. Mike Omeri has announced the assurance by Boko Haram that the kidnapped Chibok school girls and all other people in their captivity are alive and well. more»

E-learning Conference Returns to Ethiopia

In what is said to be the largest ICT conference on African soil, Ethiopia will host this year’s eLearning Africa, which is also the tenth anniversary edition of it being held under the patronage of the Ethiopian government. more»

Liberian Ministry of Education Plans to Repoen Schools

The Ministry of Education says it is planning to re-open schools but with no mention of the definite time, announcing also that it will soon begin providing educational courses via radio. more»

Gunmen Attack School, Kill 47 in Kano, Kaduna

At least, 15 persons were confirmed killed and 34 injured after suspected Boko Haram members launched terror attacks on the Federal College of Education, Kano, Wednesday. This death toll adds to the 32 confirmed deaths from an earlier attack by Boko Haram in the region. more»

Senatorial Aspirant Wants to Reopen Liberian Schools

Professor Albert Tugbe Chie, one of the senatorial aspirants of GrandKru County, has called on government to reopen schools and that the closure of school should not go beyond the 90 days State of Emergency. more»

School Tries to Heal the Divide in Northern Nigeria

In the wake of the unsuccessful rescue campaign of 200 kidnapped girls by Boko haram, all public school have closed in Borno State. One school aims to stay open and care for children from families on both sides of the conflict. more»

Nigeria Records Mass Exam Failure

The West African Examination Council has recorded another decline in the performance of candidates in the May/June West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations. (file photo) more»

Education Set for Radical Transformation in South Africa

The launch of Subject Committees and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are set to radically transform Basic Education to meet the needs of the 21st century learners in SA. (file photo) more»

First Ladies Press for Girls' Education, Health

Cameroon's First Lady, Chantal Biya on Wednesday August 6, joined the current and former First Ladies of America, Michelle Obama and Laura Bush in a symposium on women's problems. (file photo) more»

Indian Envoy Pledges to Prioritise Education Cooperation With Nigeria

India's High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ghanashyam Rangaiah, on Tuesday, said his tenure would mostly be directed at promoting education and health cooperation with Nigeria. more»

World Bank Loan to Subsidize School Project to Educate Girls

Ghana's government plans to use some of its World Bank loans to fund a free sanitary pad program for young girls in poor rural communities to reduce dropout rates. more»

Education App Transforms Learning in Marginalised Areas

Around 32 per cent of primary school students in Kenya don't go on to high schoolEneza Education targets those pupils less likely to move ahead and has developed a much-needed and handy way to increase literacy and improve academic performance by providing a more efficient way to study. (file photo) more»

Teachers Receive Training On Sex Education

Teachers from Burundi are in Nairobi to learn from their local colleagues about comprehensive sexuality education and how it can best be taught in secondary schools. (file photo) more»

Shortage of Science Teachers, Equipment Thorny for Tanzania

A major challenge facing Tanzania is the enormity of the shortage of scientific and technological gurus - key players in the development of nations around the globe. (file photo) more»

Benefiting from Africa's Brain Migration

For years, debate has centred on how Sub-Saharan Africa can retain its academic talent and stem the flow of this 'brain drain'. More recently, though, there has been a re-evaluation. (file photo) more»

Teaching a Girl Teaches a Community

Too many girls are undernourished, stunted, denied education and forced into early marriages. This creates a gender disparity that threatens to undermine stability in future generations, and must be addressed by policymakers. (file photo) more»

What Role, if Any, for University Students in Kenya's Saba Saba Rally?

The role of university student leaders in the Saba Saba rally is being questioned after Cord leader Raila Odinga met a group last week. (file photo) more»

"You Are Entering a Corrupt Society"

The President of Cuttington University, Dr. Henrique F. Tokpa has told the 53rd graduates of the institution that they are entering "a corrupt society"; and they must take the moral high ground to make changes. (file photo) more»

UNESCO Commends Rwanda's Education Efforts

The United Nations Educational and Scientific Organisation (Unesco) has commended Rwanda for its progress in reducing the number of out-of-school children since 2000. (file photo) more»

Broad Coalition of Celebrities, Athletes, Non-Profits Join With USAID to 'Let Girls Learn'

In a major show of support for girls' education and empowerment around the world, nearly 30 artists and athletes, as well as a host of global non-profits and businesses have joined with the U.S. government to launch Let Girls Learn. (file photo) more»

All Children Must Enjoy the Right to Education

On Tuesday, Tanzania joined other countries in the African continent and the world at large in marking the Day of the African Child, in rememberance of the 1976 South Soweto protest against inferior education. (file photo) more»

Out of School and Out of Luck

Despite major progress over the past decade, sub-Saharan Africa is still home to more than half of all the out-of-school children of primary school-age in the world. (file photo) more»

In Kenya, Schools Lead Renewable Energy Surge in Remote Areas

Working with communities, the Kenyan government has passed a policy that aims to provide 60 percent of rural communities' energy needs from renewable sources by setting up primary schools as incubation centres for renewable energy. (file photo) more»

Police Arraign Eight LASU Students Over Fee Protest

LASU students on second day of peaceful protest. Eight protesting students of the Lagos State University, LASU, arrested by the Police on Tuesday were, yesterday, arraigned before an Ikeja chief magistrate's court for alleged breach of public peace. more»

Open-Air Classrooms Still Order of the Day

Paragraph The open-air classroom, sudden changes of temperature that bring rain or violent winds could bring the day's lessons to an abrupt end. According to the Namibian Ministry of Education, there are about 1,300 schools with traditional structures. Approximately 344 open air classrooms were recorded in 2013. (file photo) more»

Why Primary Education Should Be Made Compulsory

In this interview, Engineer Musa Daji Abdullahi, the Pro Chancellor of Umaru Musa Yar'Adua University, Katsina speaks on why primary education should be made compulsory. (file photo) more»

Pres. Sirleaf Launches Three-Year Operational Plan (2014-2016)

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has launched the Ministry of Education Operational Plan (2014-2016) with a number of recommendations aimed at improving the education sector of the country.(file photo) more»

Kenya: Over 100 Varsity Students Arrested in Fee Protest

The police broke down classroom doors and in some instances beat up the students as they sought to quell the mass action which had turned into a cat and mouse game. (file photo) more»

Boko Haram Threatens Boys School in Benue

The Boko Haram terrorist group has threatened to abduct students of a popular Government Boys School in Makurdi, in their campaign against western education in Nigeria. (file photo) more»

Chibok Abduction a Setback to Girl-Child Education

Girl child education in Northern states will be adversely affected if the abduction of schools girls continues, and if the over 200 school girls abducted are not rescued. more»

Tanzania: State Denies Favouritism in Issuing Student Loans

The government has denied allegations that children of influential politicians and public figures are the ones who benefit from the Higher Learning Students Loans. (file photo) more»

Libya: Walls Separate Derna University Students

City of Derna: Threats from radical Islamists have forced Libya's Derna University to build a wall across campus to segregate male and female students. more»

Tanzania's Education Revival Calls for Heavy Investment

In a newly released report on the status of primary education, Tanzania's Ministry of Education says that at least 98 percent of pupils in Standard Two cannot read, write or count. (file photo) more»

Rwandan Student Wins International Essay Contest

Moses Asiimwe, a student of the University of Rwanda, is among the top 50 African students who excelled in a competition with his essay titled "The Hope for my Africa." more»

Zimbabwe Govt Scholarship Collapses

A Zimbabwean student in South Africa: The president has stopped enrolling and paying for thousands of students under the presidential scholarship fund due to non-availability of funds to bankroll the programme. more»

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