• Photography and Liberia

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    Equipped with their father's photographs and memories of growing up in Liberia, Canadian filmmakers Jeff and Andrew Topham return to find a nation … see more »

  • Sub-Saharan Migrants in Libya

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    Some 700 migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa have sought refuge beneath the boats in Sidi Bilal, an abandoned port just outside of Tripoli. see more »

  • River Blindness in Nigeria

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    A woman pouring water into her bucket from a river is at risk of contracting river blindness, or onchocerciasis, a parasitic disease caused by the … see more »

  • Karamoja’s True Colours

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    A powerful and vibrant show by Uganda’s marginalised ethnic group, the Karamojong defied stereotypes and showed the region’s true colours... see more »

  • Prison Conditions in Liberia

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    The human rights group, Amnesty International, says conditions in some Liberian prisons are so poor that they violate basic human rights. Amnesty … see more »

  • Kenya: The ALIN Center

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    The road to Arid Lands Information Network's Maarifa center in Nguruman, Kenya runs past Lake Magadi, where soda ash has been extracted since 1911. see more »