Forgotten Darfur: Old Tactics and New Players

Claudio Gramizzi and Jérôme Tubiana/Small Arms Survey
Small Arms Survey
Publication Date:
12 July 2012
Governance, Sudan, Conflict, Peace and Security, Human Rights

Amid claims of declining violence and wider regional transformations, the Darfur conflict has all but vanished from the international agenda since 2010. Virtually unnoticed by the international community, the conflict has moved into a new phase, in which the Government of Sudan has shifted away from using Arab proxy militias only to rely on newly formed (and newly armed) non-Arab proxies. ‘Forgotten Darfur’ documents how this development has fundamentally changed the ethnic map of eastern Darfur, drawing on previously latent tensions between non-Arab groups over land, ethnicity, and local political dominance—and generating some of the most significant ethnically directed violence since the start of the conflict in 2003.


What is Happening in Sudan's Darfur Region?

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