Three Killed in Separatist Group Crackdown

Citizen TV
Citizen TV
Publication Date:
15 October 2012
Kenya, Governance, Conflict, Peace and Security

Three people are reported dead following a gunfight near the home of Mombasa Republican Council leader Omar Mwamnuadzi this morning. An assistant chief for Kombani area where Mwamnuadzi was arrested was among the three people killed in the incident. The assistant chief, Salim Changu, was allegedly attacked by angry youths believed to be members of MRC, who were protesting the arrest of their leader. The other were shot dead by police after they allegedly tried to block the police from arresting the MRC leader.


Kenya Separatist Group Retaliation: Chief Killed

Mombasa Republican Council supporters are alleged to have killed an assistant chief in response to the arrest of the separatist group's leader Omar Mwamnuadzi. Read more »