Criminologist Probes Decaying Police College

Channels Television
Publication Date:
21 January 2013
Nigeria, Legal and Judicial Affairs

A Nigerian criminologist and member of the Cleen Foundation, Chukwuma Innocent, has said that the deplorable state of the Nigeria Police training centre calls for 'soul searching' on the part of the Government.

Mr Chukwuma, who was a guest on Channels Television's breakfast show, Sunrise Daily, aired his views about President Goodluck Jonathan's visit to the Police College, the first of its kind in 70 years.
He said the deplorable condition of the infrastructure raises questions about what is made priority in the country.

Mr Chukwuma who described this period as 'soul-searching' for the government advised that the Government should visit its records and retrace its steps to determine where things went wrong. In his words, "this is not a time for witch-hunting ...or pointing fingers at imaginary enemies."

He expressed his hopes about the Government's attention and said that "this should be a threshold below which we should not fall below again as far as training and preparing critical institutions of state to perform effectively."

He also mentioned that the shocking state of the institution will have impact on the coming elections and that this is a time for the Jonathan-led administration to deliver on its promises.


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