Searching for Sugar Man Wins Oscar

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Publication Date:
25 February 2013
Arts, Culture and Entertainment, South Africa

A South African inspired-documentary has won big at the Oscars. "Searching for Sugarman" has scooped the award for best documentary feature. The British-Swedish prdocution explores the search for seventies singer, Rodriguez.

Russell Grant, co-founder of the Bioscope Independent Cinema, has described the film "Searching for Sugarman" as a story that only could have happened in South Africa at a particular time in history. The film won best documentary feature at the Academy Awards and follows the story of two South African fans, Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom, who go on a journey to find out if the rumours of the death of American folk musician Rodriguez are true.


South African-Inspired Film Wins Oscar Award

Searching for Sugar Man tells the story of musician, Sixto Rodríguez, who faded without a trace until his music was rediscovered in South Africa. Read more »