Malaria - Keeping a Crafty Killer on the Run

Imagine that snake attacks were killing a person a minute. Or that it was dogs, or foxes or chickens that were killing three-quarters of a million people a year. Envision the non-stop media coverage - and the public outcry to stop the carnage. Instead, the mass killer is the mosquito, weighing in at 2.4 milligrams, about the same as two human eyelashes, and capable of transmitting malaria. Today, on World Malaria Day, as on any given day, an estimated 3,000 children will die of malaria -- most of them before their fifth birthday.

A child lies under a mosquito net in Somalia.


  • Africa:   Here I Am - Sir Richard Feachem On "Shrinking the Malaria Map"

    Global Fund, 22 April 2013

    Since 2000, over 1 million lives have been saved from malaria. This World Malaria Day (April 25th) is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the gains that have been made and how… Read more »

  • Africa:   Global Fund Says Malaria Can Be Defeated

    Global Fund, 24 April 2013

    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria said today that new advances in science and implementation have given the global community the opportunity to control… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   National Malaria Incidence Drops

    The Herald, 24 April 2013

    The national malaria incidence has significantly dropped from 13,5 percent in 2000 to 2,2 percent last year, a senior official in the Health and Child Welfare Ministry has said. Read more »

  • Tanzania:   WHO for Intensified War Against Malaria

    Daily News, 24 April 2013

    AS the world celebrates Malaria Day on Thursday, African countries have been reminded over the need to increase efforts to combat the pandemic. Currently only one fifth of the… Read more »

  • Liberia:   President Sirleaf Issues World Malaria Day Proclamation

    New Dawn, 24 April 2013

    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued a Proclamation declaring Thursday, April 25, 2013 as World Malaria Day to be observed throughout the Republic as a Working Holiday. Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Malaria Remains Endemic in DRC

    RFI, 24 April 2013

    April 25 is World Malaria Day, a day designed to highlight a disease that continues to kill almost 700,000 people around the world every year. Most of the deaths occur in young… Read more »

  • Africa:   West Africa Malaria Task Force Gets Going

    State Department, 23 April 2013

    During a symposium hosted by U.S. Africa Command in 2011, five East African nations' militaries came up with an idea to address their common malaria challenges together. The idea… Read more »


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