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United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Addis Ababa)

Eurozone in Crisis... Should Africa be Building Monetary Unions?

"One of the main objectives of pursuing monetary unions in Africa is to boost regional integration, particularly intraregional trade and investments,"writes Carlos Lopes in a recent blog post titled Regional Integration and Monetary Unions. The Excecutive Secretary for the UN Economic Commission for Africa then goes on to point out that "the reality of integration in every region and corner of the planet is a tale of many challenges..." For example, "the European Union (EU), considered the most mature integration achievement, has itself started to demonstrate serious difficulties and major shortcomings, particularly relating to the Eurozone." More about UN Economic Commission for Africa in this BRIEFING.

National Bank of Greece Guarded. Workers take to the streets against cutbacks.Tens of thousands of striking Greek workers took to the streets, some throwing stones at police, in a defiant show of protest against austerity measures aimed at averting the debt-plagued country’s economic collapse.

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