Ethiopia to Host Third International Ethiopian Coffee Conference

The Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association (ECEA) is to host the third International Ethiopian Coffee Conference from 6-8 November. more»

Govt Reduces Cost of Importing Food By U.S.$2 Billion

Through heavy investment in agriculture, the Federal Government has now reduced the cost of importing food items into the country by $2 billion, the Vice President, Alhaji Namadi Sambo, said in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital. more»

Malnutrition Rates Still High in South Sudan Despite Improvements

Tens of thousands of children under the age of five remain at risk of malnutrition-related death in South Sudan, despite temporary improvements in the food security situation, a report from the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) group of experts revealed. more»

Uganda's Youth Discover the Beauty in Farming

The 2014 Miss Uganda pageant is particularly trying to recruit women aged between 18 and 25 into farming. There's also a new, unlikely sponsor: the Ugandan army, writes InterPress Service. more»

China Keen to Revamp Zimbabwe's Farming Sector


Once an agro-powerhouse in sub-Saharan Africa, Zimbabwe's agriculture sector collapsed. China is ready to assist in the resuscitation of Zimbabwe's once vibrant agriculture sector by imparting modern farming methods and expertise to local farmers. more»

Ambitious Effort to Confront Africa's Soil Health Crisis

The steady drain of essential nutrients from African soils looms as a major threat to food security across the continent. more»

African, U.S. Leaders Announce New Partnerships to Help Farmers

The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition now has commitments from private investors totaling more than $10 billion, U.S. and African officials announced at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit August 5. more»

Agricultural Biotechnology On Trial in Africa

There are a various projects under way to develop new GM varieties for African farmers. Barriers such as regulatory constraints, consumer distrust and weak farmer demand must be understood in the context of wider social and political dynamics surrounding GM. more»

Dietary Supplements Could Beat the World's 'Hidden Hunger'

Health experts often call it the "hidden hunger." Malnutrition, a dietary lack of vitamins and minerals, afflicts nearly two billion people worldwide. It can lead to serious diseases, but there might be a way out. more»

FAO Warns of Fruit Bat Risk in West African Ebola Epidemic

Increased efforts are needed to improve awareness among rural communities in West Africa about the risks of contracting the Ebola virus from eating certain wildlife species including fruit bats, FAO warned today. more»

Access to Credit Could Bring Agricultural Revolution

Governments urgently need to make sure that economic growth doesn't just create wealth for some, that means strengthening the focus on Africa's greatest and most productive assets, the region's farms and fisheries. (file photo) more»

African Planners Urged to Curb Hunger

African policy makers and strategic planners have been called upon to devise an agricultural model that will ensure that more food lands on the tables of the people. (file photo) more»

Ethiopia Cultivates Seed Banks to Lay Famine Ghost to Rest

Thirty years after the famine that killed more than a million people in Ethiopia, the country's scientists and farmers are taking the fight against climate change and food insecurity down to the ground. (file photo) more»

Why are Kenya's Farmers Still Poor

Kenya's farmers produce enormous wealth for the country, 50 % of export earnings and 27% of GDP, yet largely remain poor. (file photo) more»

Climate-Resilient Crops May Pose Malnutrition Threat

As farmers move toward growing crops designed to stand up to tougher climate conditions, they may inadvertently be worsening malnutrition, more»

African Leaders Urged to Rethink Agricultural Policies

Carlos Lopes. Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa urged African Union member states to seriously rethink policies on agriculture, whose share of GDP, he warned, has been on the decline. more»

The Tall Order of Self-Sufficiency

At a Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, leaders will discuss how to boost the continent's agricultural production. more»

IFAD's Nwanze to Africa's Leaders - Don't Promise Development; Deliver it!

Kanayo F. Nwanze. Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development in a open letter to Africa's Leaders adresses making good on development plans more»

Women Farmers Urged to Maintain Lead Role in Agriculture


Understanding Food Security Through a Gendered Lens


Food Security needs to be understood as much more than just food production:Women's lived realities need to be fully understood and integrated. more»

Fertilizer 'Cartel' Makes Covert Return

The Growth Enhancement Support (GES) scheme of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) is undergoing a major test. The programme, which has broken the excesses of middle men in fertiliser and other inputs distribution process, has received favourable local and international reviews from farmers and others. (file Photo) more»

A Model for Development Built On Indigenous Foundations

The outside-in or top-down approach to development favoured by international organisations and adopted by several African governments has, in many cases, failed to resonate with most citizens. It is an approach that needs to be reassessed. (file Photo) more»

Lecturer Defends Agricultural Revolution in Africa

The Lecturer of International Relations, Herlander Napoleão, defended on Tuesday in the central Benguela province that Africa should undertake an agricultural and industrial revolution, to be a competent continent. (file Photo) more»

NGO Praises Recent Global Anti-Hunger Efforts

It's estimated more than 840-million people still do not have enough to eat. Nevertheless, the director of the Bread for the World Institute said recent efforts can bring a dramatic improvement. (file Photo) more»

Kenya Can Lead On Climate Change Adaptation

Kenya farmers protecting their crops: Research on the effects of climate change on agricultural productivity and food security shows the country can be a leader in adaptation to a warmer climate. more»

African Smallholder Farm Families Have Lost the Elasticity to Bounce Back

Building resilience on Africa's small farms starts with people and investing in their capacity to bounce back after a shock. (file photo) more»

Ugandan Farmers Profit From Organic Pineapples

Pineapple plantation: Pineapples are a hardy crop grown mainly by smallholder farmers in Uganda's southern, central and eastern regions, where fruit production is an important agricultural activity. more»

Zimbabwe's Emerging Tobacco Queens

Women in Zimbabwe are fast becoming tobacco tycoons, holding their heads high in the midst of male tobacco farmers who traditionally dominate the field of tobacco farming. more»

City Women Generate Food and Income on Tiny Urban Plots

On the back of higher food and commodity prices, micro farmers in South Africa are using tiny parcels of land to grow food for their families and to generate an income. (file photo) more»

Small Farmers Key to Africa's Agricultural Future

Africa's leaders are placing a greater priority on agriculture today, because they recognize that the sector has not met the continent's needs and expectations. Small farmers are central to this process because they produce most of Africa's food. more»

Increasing Seed Production in Liberia

The Central Agriculture Research Institute is cultivating seeds for distribution to Liberian farmers with the hope of helping them produce more food and make the country self-sufficient. (file photo) more»

Namibia's Looming Livestock Export Crisis

Namibia is engaged in high-profile bilateral discussions with South Africa in a bid to convince the South African authorities to postpone and possibly amend the implementation of stringent health requirements for the export of livestock to South Africa. (file photo) more»

Aflatoxin Threatens East African Food Security

According to a workshop held in Tanzania, aflatoxin contamination poses a serious threat to food security in East Africa. (file photo) more»

Green Revolution in Africa - How to Make Banks Listen to Farmers, By World Bank Chief

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) recently released its annual African Agriculture Status Report which focused on climate change and climate-smart agriculture at the 2104 African Green Revolution Forum held in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. more»

Food Security Key to HIV Fight

Food security or access to at least one balanced meal a day for HIV-positive Namibians is one of the critical aspects that need to be addressed by government and the private sector to ensure that antiretroviral drugs administered to such people serve their purpose. more»

Agricultural Innovations Can Help African Farmers Compete, Boost Food Security

Africa must embrace agricultural innovations to better compete in an evolving global bio-economy, according to findings from a new report issued by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). more»

World Hunger Falls, but Many Remain Undernourished

More than 800 million people - or one in every nine on the planet - suffer from hunger, but a new joint UN agency report stated that the Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of undernourished people by 2015 is still within reach. more»

New Agricultural Trend Threaten African's Land Rights

Large-scale public-private partnerships (PPPs) are an emerging agribusiness trend across the continent. Oxfam reveals, mega-PPPs present a moral hazard with serious downsides, especially for those living in areas pegged for investment. more»

A Global Food Security Game Changer

Without question, the African continent has suffered its share of uphill battles when it comes to food and nutrition security.Thankfully, the continent is finally reaching its tipping point. more»

Grand Vision for an African-Owned, Food Secure Continent

The challenges the African continent faces to achieve food security for the whole continent are daunting, but there appears to be a consensus that they are not insurmountable. more»

Drones to Improve Agriculture

Technology experts from across the globe gathered on Tuesday at the University of Nairobi under the programme Google Solve for X where the use of drones was highlighted as one way of boosting agriculture and distribution of medicines to remote areas. more»

The GMO Debate - What to Consider

The debate around Genetically Modified Organisms has been characterized by lack of information and understanding of the complexities around biotechnology. What other factors should be considered? more»

Mozambique's Coconut Graveyards

What used to be miles upon miles of coconut groves in and around Quelimane, the provincial capital of Zambezia in central Mozambique, are now forests of matchsticks, their slender trunks barren and stripped of their leaves. more»

Improved Food Systems Could Feed 3 Billion More People

Targeted efforts to make food systems more efficient in key parts of the world could meet the basic calorie needs of 3 billion extra people without using additional land and water, researchers said. (file photo) more»

Mechanical Pumps Turning Oases Into Mirages

Water was once so plentiful in the five oases that they were collectively known as a breadbasket of the Roman Empire. Farmers must now bore up to a kilometre underground, raising fears for the region's sustainability. (file photo) more»

How to Build Research Partnerships That Benefit Farmers

Agricultural research for development spans a broad spectrum of activities, from research, generally done at advanced research institutes, to research by plant breeders. CGAIR is attempting to bridge the gap, in order to put better crops in farmers' hands. (file photo) more»

What Do Fish Have to Do With Food Security?

Fish from capture fisheries and aquaculture is estimated to provide more than half of the world population with 15 - 20 % of their total intake of animal protein. (file photo) more»

Africa's Need for Agricultural Self Sufficiency

The choice of Agriculture and food security as main theme of the 23rd Ordinary Session of the African Union, and it is certainly not by chance. (file photo) more»

Ending Hunger By 2025 - Africa Raises the Bar

FAO Director General Jose Graziano da Silva today congratulated African leaders attending the AU Summit for "raising the bar" in the fight against hunger. (file photo) more»

'Open-Source' Seed Released to Nurture Patent-Free Food

An 'open-source' seed initiative has released 36 varieties of 14 food crops, which the project's leaders say could help poor farmers get access to better quality seeds. (file photo) more»

Researchers Seek to Tackle Food Insecurity

Africa researchers and partners working to improve food security in the continent are due to meet in Kenya next week to seek ways of boosting food production. (file photo) more»

Poverty Is Multidimensional

Oxford University says, poverty is not just about a lack of money. it's also about not having enough food, education, healthcare and shelter. And some poor are much worse off than others. (file photo) more»

Good Night, Amazon of Drug War

Prof. Dora Akunyili. The remains of the former Director General of the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, Prof Dora Akunyili, arrived the country today in preparation for burial. more»

Mauritian Sugar Farmers Squeezed By Low Prices

While Mauritius has been forced to transform its sugar industry because of low prices for the commodity, the country's small-scale sugarcane farmers who contribute to it say they are barely earning a living. (file Photo) more»

Somalia Risks Growing Food Insecurity

Somalia is again facing growing food insecurity. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization blames it on late rains, a poor harvest and ongoing conflict. It's estimated 800,000 Somalis currently are in need of food aid. (file Photo) more»

Farmers Break Into U.S. Market With Smoked Fish

As a result of new techniques, Tunde Sanni, a member of Post-Harvest Commercial Fish Processor Commodity Interest Group (CIG) and owner of Tee Ess Farms in Lagos, was recently certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to produce smoked fish for the U.S. (file Photo) more»

Greener Grass - Maasai in Kenya Swap a Nomadic Existence for Farming

The Maasai have led semi-nomadic pastoral lives for generations, but now some are settling down - and all thanks to a type of grass. (file Photo) more»

Science and Tradition Tackle Climate Change


Pastoralists and meteorologists in Tanzania are working together to produce weather forecasts better suited to farmers in order to increase crop yields. (file photo) more»

Insurgency Hurting Nigeria's Poultry Farmers

The Boko Haram insurgency is taking a toll on sales of poultry products in the North, according to members of the Poultry Association of Nigeria. (file photo) more»

African Awakening Will Avert Future Food Crises

Though progress across the continent is uneven, many other African nations are adopting policies that see agricultural development as a priority, to protect smallholder farmers and other rural households from the threats of volatile food prices, conflict and climate change. (file photo) more»

South Sudan's Livestock Strains Environment

In South Sudan, cattle are revered and there are communities where pastoralists won't even contemplate slaughtering one of their cows for meat. (file photo) more»

Organic Farming - Is Nigeria Lagging Behind?

Woman attending her organic farm in Kenya: Organic agriculture is receiving increased acceptance across the globe and is finding its way into developing countries, including Nigeria. more»

Agriculture is Nigeria's 'New Oil' - Game Changer & Tool for Peace

Nigeria's Minister of Agriculture Akin Adesina (pictured) hails agri-business that benefits small farmers as the country's path to prosperity - in contrast to oil, which left most Nigerians in wretched poverty. more»

Penury Amid Potential in Senegal's Casamance

Casamance family: Reduced harvests have driven up food insecurity in Senegal's southern Casamance region, where a protracted insurgency and underinvestment have stifled agricultural output. more»

Biotech Crops Gain Increasing Global Popularity

As East African policymakers and scientists continue debating about adopting biotech crops, globally, these crops have become the fastest adopted technology. (file photo) more»

Smallholder Farmers Africa's Game Changer

We should never doubt the potential of millions of smallholder farmers to feed Africa and the world. Africa's smallholder farmers can be agriculture's game changer. (file photo) more»

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