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United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (Addis Ababa)

Where is Africa with Regional Integration & the Free Trade Area?

The commitment of African countries to regional integration is evident with plans for a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA). While there are ongoing discussions on how the CFTA can be made to work for all the people on the continent, the recently launched African Regional Integration Index 2016 Report will be a means of tracking regional integration progress in terms of the different dimensions, including trade, movement of people, productive capacity, monetary and financial integration and infrastructure. Read more. More about the ECA in this BRIEFING.

Photo: ECA | AfDB

The Africa Regional Integration Index is a dynamic and evolving tool that tracks how the continent's eight Regional Economic Communities (RECs), and countries within each REC, are doing on regional integration overall and by priority areas. The Index showcases the high performers and highlights what is now needed to accelerate progress.