Why is Eritrea's Assab Port First Prize for Ethiopia?

Addis Ababa's staggering economic growth has hiked the demand for imported goods, and since Assab is closer than the Port of Djibouti, it not only reduces transport costs for Ethiopia but also creates a new source of revenue for Asmara.

  • Ethiopia:   Assab As an Alternative Port

    Ethiopian Herald, 1 August 2018

    Following the agreement reached between the Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, decision is made to resume telecommunication lines,… Read more »

Photo: Al-Jazeera

(File photo).

  • Ethiopia:   Why Assab Port Matters Most to Ethiopia

    Ethiopian Herald, 1 August 2018

    The Assab Port is the best and dependable option to advance Ethiopia's import-export activities and satisfy country's ever-increasing demand of sea outlets that has been triggered… Read more »

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    Ethiopian Herald, 31 July 2018

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  • Eritrea:   Port Massawa to Commence Service

    Addis Fortune, 28 July 2018

    The rehabilitation of the port of Massawa has been completed, and it is ready to begin service, according to the governor of the city, Layne Asfahayle. Read more »


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