More Tanzanian Children in Dangerous Jobs – Report

Updated: Mon 8 Dec, 03:03 am

According to the report, poverty levels in the country have reached alarming rates - driving children to drop out of school. read more »

What Life is Like for South African Kids - Report

Updated: Thu 18 Oct, 08:12 am 2012

Children are negatively impacted by social problems in several ways at once such as poor schooling, no transport, lack of running water and unemployed parents, states the Child Gauge report. read more »

Teaching to Transform Lives in Kibera

Updated: Wed 3 Dec, 10:06 am

Kibera slum is situated five kilometres outside Nairobi, Kenya, and is the biggest slum in Africa with approximately one million people living there. For Margaret Atieno Ochieng, teaching in Kibera … read more »