Digital Money 'Vital to Economic Growth'

Updated: Thu 28 Aug, 10:04 am

Integrating digital payments into the economies of emerging and developing nations addresses crucial issues of broad economic growth and individual financial empowerment, according to a new report by … read more »

U.S. Plane Spots Nigeria's Chibok Girls

Updated: Thu 7 Aug, 09:21 am

A United States surveillance plane has spotted what could be the Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram in April in the north-east of the country. read more »

Nigeria's Child Marriage Law Not Amended?

Updated: Wed 4 Sep, 07:20 am

It appears that Nigeria's senate has not amended the child marriage law to exclude children as young as 13 to enter into wedlock after the marriage age stipulation was removed from the constitution. read more »