Invest in Africa's Youth for an 'Economic Miracle'

Updated: Mon 17 Nov, 11:45 pm

Africa can totally transform itself if it follows the example of east Asian countries and makes comparable investments in young people, says Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, executive director of the United … read more »

A-Lists Stars to Raise Awareness of Children's Rights

Updated: Thu 20 Nov, 07:52 am

A host of high profile celebrities feature in an extraordinary music video, singing John Lennon's classic Imagine, to highlight the tremendous challenges children face around the world. read more »

African Graduates Struggle to Find Work

Updated: Thu 30 Oct, 11:31 am

Ashoka is investigating the youth employment challenge that plauges much of Sub-Saharan Africa.  The rapid increase in educational attainment in the region has come at the expense of quality, … read more »