Good Governance Group Announces Nigerian Election Debates

Updated: Fri 30 Jan, 05:23 pm

EnoughisEnough Nigeria (EiE Nigeria), a coalition promoting good governance and citizen engagement, has announced a series of debates to be held ahead of the country's February 14 elections. EiE has … read more »

Thousands of Child Soldiers Released in S. Sudan

Updated: Wed 28 Jan, 03:59 am

  This is being hailed as one of the largest-ever demobilizations of children in a conflict zone. read more »

What Life is Like for South African Kids - Report

Updated: Thu 18 Oct, 08:12 am 2012

Children are negatively impacted by social problems in several ways at once such as poor schooling, no transport, lack of running water and unemployed parents, states the Child Gauge report. read more »