Sierra Leone Mining Boom Brings Abuses

Updated: Wed 19 Feb, 07:47 am

A new report by Human Rights Watch accuses the government and a London-based mining company operating in the country of undermining villagers' access to food and preventing workers from challenging … read more »

Sierra Leone: Communities Divided Over Rainforest Mining

Updated: Thu 5 Jan, 06:29 am 2012

The Gola Rainforest remains a centre of contention as the local community plans to take their chief to court over a controversial 50-year land lease to a UK mining company. read more »

Sierra Leonean Storyteller Fights to Preserve Tradition

Updated: Fri 7 Feb, 08:09 am

Usifu Jalloh wants to revive the tradition of oral storytelling and more youth will embrace and continue to work hard to make sure storytelling will have a lasting impact. read more »