Over 1000 Rhinos Poached in South Africa This Year

Updated: Fri 21 Nov, 01:39 am

The department of environmental affairs has said that efforts to curb the slaughter of rhinos is exacerbated by the fact that poachers are lured by the promise of wealth from the multi-billion dollar … read more »

Elephant Tusks - Uganda Officials Implicated

Updated: Wed 26 Nov, 01:23 am

According to reports over the past two years, tons of ivory poached from elephants in Uganda have been seized in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. read more »

Suspected Rhino Poachers Arrested in South Africa

Updated: Sun 9 Nov, 11:32 am

Police have said that they have made a major breakthrough in the fight against rhino poaching by arresting six suspected poachers. read more »