Operation Hirola - Saving Africa's Rarest Antelope

Updated: Wed 14 Nov, 03:24 am 2012

A group of conservationists, pastoralists and Chinese funders have joined forces to save the hirola antelope, the last living representative of a three-million-year-old lineage. read more »

Militias Linked to Poaching - Report

Updated: Tue 22 Apr, 06:09 am

Organized crime, government corruption and militias are linked to elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya, a U.S. NGO reports. read more »

South Africa Concerned by Rhino Poaching Figures

Updated: Mon 16 Apr, 03:24 am 2012

A total of 171 rhinos have been killed between January and April this year, the Department of Environmental Affairs has announced. read more »