Militias Linked to Poaching - Report

Updated: Tue 22 Apr, 06:09 am

Organized crime, government corruption and militias are linked to elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya, a U.S. NGO reports. read more »

Tanzania: Serengeti Highway in the Spotlight

Updated: Thu 3 Mar, 11:13 pm 2011

A leading U.S. environmental expert has warned that Tanzania's resolve to build a northern road through the Serengeti National Park could deny the country substantial foreign aid. read more »

Kenyatta Links E Africa Poaching to Terrorism

Updated: Wed 26 Mar, 05:07 am

According to President Uhuru Kenyatta, increasing cases of poaching and illegal smuggling of ivory in East Africa have been found to happen at the same time as acts of terrorism. read more »