China and Africa Must Work Together to Stop Ivory Trade

Updated: Tue 16 Dec, 03:47 pm

A major new study provides disturbing proof that the crisis facing African elephants is even worse than people imagined, driven by the exploding trade in illegal ivory in China. The Chinese government … read more »

South Africans Urged to Help Curb Rhino Poaching

Updated: Tue 27 Nov, 07:29 am 2012

The latest rhino poaching statistics indicate that a total of 588 rhinos have been lost to illegal killings since the beginning of this year, with the total number of arrests at 246. read more »

Uganda Rebels Accused of Poaching Elephants

Updated: Wed 22 May, 04:37 am 2013

United Nations has accused the Lord's Resistance Army of using powerful weapons to kill elephants for their ivory in Central Africa. read more »