Climate Change in Ethiopia

Updated: Mon 15 Dec, 03:46 am

When increasingly erratic weather ruined his crops of maize, wheat and barley in highland Maksegni, the middle-aged farmer migrated to Metemma, in northwest Ethiopia, to look for work in the lowland … read more »

Nasa to Study How Fires Affect Climate

Updated: Wed 17 Dec, 08:12 am

Scientists have received a boost of up to U.S.$150 million from the US space agency for a five-year campaign to probe how air pollution, man-made fires and warming oceans may affect our climate. read more »

China and Africa Must Work Together to Stop Ivory Trade

Updated: Tue 16 Dec, 03:47 pm

A major new study provides disturbing proof that the crisis facing African elephants is even worse than people imagined, driven by the exploding trade in illegal ivory in China. The Chinese government … read more »