Is the Kingdom in Swaziland a Democracy?

Lawmakers need a workshop in order to understand their responsibilities and the 'separation of powers' regarding the three organs of government, says Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini.

File photo: Swaziland anti-government protests.

  • Swaziland:   Kingdom Is Not a Democracy. Period

    Swazi Media, 14 November 2012

    Swaziland's Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini told the House of Assembly that MPs needed a workshop so they could understand what their responsibilities were. Read more »

  • Swaziland:   MPs Don't Understand Constitution

    Swazi Media, 14 November 2012

    For the first time it has been publicly acknowledged that King Mswati III took it upon himself to ignore a vote of confidence passed on his government by the Swaziland House of… Read more »