Burkina Army Forces President Out

Updated: Fri 31 Oct, 02:36 pm

Blaise Compaoré stepped down on October 31 after 27 years in power, following an anouncement by the army that he was no longer in power. Tens of thousands of demonstrators reportedly returned … read more »

Has Guy Scott Been Welcomed as Zambia's Leader?

Updated: Fri 31 Oct, 02:25 pm

Africa's first white president since South Africa's FW De Klerk - that's how the country's interim president has been described. And the former vice president has not exactly been welcomed by the late … read more »

Burkina Army Chief Creates Transitional Authority

Updated: Fri 31 Oct, 03:08 pm

In  a communique issued late Thursday, the armed forces chief in Burkina Faso announced dissolution of the National Assembly and government.  General Honore Traore announced formation of a … read more »