Swazi Girls Caned for Not Dancing for King

Updated: Wed 1 Oct, 05:13 am

More than 30 girls apparently refused to take part in the annual Reed Dance where virgins from all over the kingdom are required to dance topless. read more »

Zimbabwe Students Challenge Mrs Mugabe's PhD

Updated: Wed 1 Oct, 06:15 am

The Zimbabwe National Students Union has mobilised signatures  from all the country's universities which they intend to attach to a court application challenging the awarding of a PhD to Grace … read more »

Fear of 'The Mugabe Dynasty' in Zimbabwe

Updated: Mon 29 Sep, 07:02 am

President Mugabe's son, Robert Jr, was reportedly nominated for a position in Zanu-PF's Youth League, days after Grace Mugabe's endorsement to take over the leadership of the Women's League. read more »