Sudanese Opposition Rejects Military Takeover

A plan by Sudan's military to take over the country's government is getting a cold reception from protesters and the international community. Sudan's defence minister announced the takeover on state television on Thursday, after the army ousted the country's longtime president, Omar al-Bashir, following months of demonstrations against his 30-year rule. The United Nations Security Council is due to hold closed-door talks about the Sudan situation on Friday, while Al Jazeera is reporting that protesters defied a curfew imposed by the transitional military authority.

  • Sudan:   Opposition Rejects Army Communique

    SudaNow, 1 April 2019

    The Sudanese Professionals Association and the allied opposition parties have categorically rejected Communique No I that was announced on Thursday by Defense Minister Awad ibn Oaf… Read more »

Defence Minister Awad Ibn Ouf speaking on state television.


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