Sudanese Accelerate Protests, Demand Democracy

After weeks of demands for civilian rule and deep institutional change that have brought hundreds of thousands of people to occupy the streets of Khartoum and have sparked protests across Sudan, demonstrators say they are breaking off talks with the ruling military council. The determined crowds forced military leaders to oust hated President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir - indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court - and hold talks with the Sudanese Professional Association and allied groups. But the military seems emboldened by an announced infusion of $3 billion from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while protestors say they will settle for nothing but a transition by civilian leaders to democratic elections.    

In what has become an iconic image of the Sudan protests, 22-year-old architectural engineering student Alaa Salah (@oalaa_salah) chants poetry from the top of a car, wearing traditional dress.



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