Humanitarian Crisis Looms Near Ethiopian Oil Fields

Updated: Mon 24 Feb, 07:07 am

Allegations of forced evictions of locals by foreign energy companies are raising fears of renewed instability and separatist tension among the Ogaden people. read more »

Famine or Feast as Multinationals Move In?

Updated: Tue 18 Mar, 09:50 am

Multinationals could easily deal a blow to smaller traders and markets - but if they choose to work with local firms, they could be a blessing, writes Lauren Sneyd and Adam Sneyd for Think Africa … read more »

Liberia Exports 50,000 Tons of Iron Ore

Updated: Fri 28 Feb, 12:47 pm

China Union, one of the largest investors in the country, has exported its first shipment of about 50,000 tons of iron ore. At a ceremony held at the Freeport of Monrovia, President Ellen Johnson … read more »