Ethiopia's Sheraton Fires Over 60 Workers

Updated: Wed 6 Aug, 04:20 am

The Sheraton Addis hotel has laid off over 60 workers in an effort to improve the image of the company, tarnished by disputes between employees and management in recent times, says local newspaper, … read more »

Is China Investment Wavering in Africa?

Updated: Fri 7 Mar, 06:43 am

Businesses were once seen as bold and fearless as they invested in African countries that western investors deemed risky - but this may now be changing, writes Jacob Kushner for Think Africa Press. read more »

U.S. Airlines Suspends Liberia Flights

Updated: Thu 10 Jul, 01:59 pm

The government says it has begun "high-level consultations" with the management of Delta Airlines after the company announced the suspension of flights to Liberia due to "weak passenger demand".  read more »