Mimi Alemayehou - On Top of Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Firm

Updated: Wed 17 Dec, 11:52 pm

Addis Standard interviewed Mimi Alemayehou, an Executive Advisor and Chair of Blackstone Africa Infrastructure LP, a premier global investment and advisory firm, as well as Managing Director … read more »

Ethiopia to Review Petroleum Pipeline Proposal

Updated: Wed 3 Dec, 12:57 am

The mammoth infrastructure project presented by major U.S. and South Africa firms aims to reduce the supply problems caused by truck shortages and fuel costs. read more »

Africa #1 Victim As Illicit Financial Flows Mount Worldwide

Updated: Fri 19 Dec, 01:32 pm

Illicit capital flows out of developing and emerging economies reached a record level in 2012, according to the latest study released by the Washington, DC-based research group, Global Financial … read more »