U.S. Envoy Likens Uganda Corruption to Aids

Updated: Wed 1 Oct, 04:19 am

American ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi has urged the government to crack down on corruption in the public sector, calling it the "slim" - a term used for HIV and Aids - that is threatening the … read more »

Rwanda to Sue Workers Over Embezzlement

Updated: Tue 30 Sep, 06:13 am

The ministry of justice plans to sue at least 300 workers over embezzlement of public funds following the government's struggle to recover billions lost through irregular expenditure. read more »

Swiss Decline to Probe Angolan Debt Deal

Updated: Fri 7 Feb, 06:39 am

The U.S.$750 million loan agreement between the government and Russia benefitted Angolan government officials - including President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos - and involved Swiss banks. read more »