Former Ivorian First Lady Faces 20 Years in Jail

Updated: Wed 31 Dec, 02:26 am

Simone Gbagbo is accused of aiding her husband to maintain his grip on power after elections in 2010. read more »

Liberia investigates Attack Along Ivorian Border

Updated: Tue 13 Jan, 04:54 am

The Ivorian Press Agency has reported that two soldiers were killed in a raid on military posts along the country's border with Liberia. read more »

Simone Gbagbo Trial Will Test Ivorian Justice

Updated: Wed 22 Oct, 04:02 am

Observers say the case will be a test for the Ivorian judicial system - and indirectly for those of other African states - in their assertion that post-conflict crimes should be heard at home, rather … read more »