Côte d'Ivoire Fast Tracks Public Transport

Updated: Thu 5 Jun, 05:12 am

The government has invested heavily in the development of the road network as well as new bus, boat and rail infrastructure to keep up with the rapid urban sprawl surrounding Abdijan. read more »

Group Commends Ivorian Govt for Probing Crimes

Updated: Fri 10 Jan, 07:56 am

Human Rights Watch has commended the Ivorian government for taking an 'important step in supporting accountability' by renewing the mandate of a special unit investigating the country's postelection … read more »

Local Militias Hold Sway in Cote d'Ivoire

Updated: Mon 23 Dec, 11:30 am

Traditional hunters known as dozos are accused of human rights abuses and extortion not just in the southwestern town of Duékoué, but in other areas of the country. read more »