Nigeria's New N5000 Note Sparks Mixed Reactions

Updated: Sun 16 Sep, 01:32 am 2012

The announcement by the Central Bank of a new N5000 note has been met with mixed reactions from various quarters with some saying it would aid corruption in the country. read more »

Zimbabwe Central Bank Introduces Local Coins

Updated: Wed 17 Dec, 11:32 pm

The Reserve Bank is set to introduce 'special coins'  in a move meant to ease the problem of small change but analysts have warned of a possible rejection by the public. read more »

Nigeria's Naira Remains in Freefall

Updated: Wed 23 Nov, 05:22 am 2011

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) lowered the naira's target band against the dollar yesterday after months of monetary tightening steps to steady the local currency. read more »