Educational Impacts of Conflict in South Sudan

Updated: Tue 16 Dec, 12:22 pm

The conflict in South Sudan is continuing to have a devastating impact on children's education one year after violence first erupted, warns charity Plan International. Before the current emergency, … read more »

Kenya Gives in to Teachers' Demands to End Strike

Updated: Mon 24 Sep, 12:29 am 2012

The Government has caved in to demands by the National Union of Teachers and agreed to increase the salary by the end of October, effectively bringing to an end a crippling three-week strike. read more »

Challenges Facing Education in Nigeria

Updated: Fri 4 May, 09:22 am 2012

Award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes for Guernica on branding, charity, and class in Nigerian schools. read more »