'Gambia Should Reject Homophobic Law'

Updated: Thu 11 Sep, 06:52 am

Rights groups have called on President Yahya Jammeh not to sign a new law which would increase the punishment for "aggravated homosexuality" to life in prison. read more »

Rights Groups Condemn 'Rule of Fear' in Gambia

Updated: Tue 22 Jul, 01:56 pm

On the 20th anniversary of President Yahya Jammeh's rise to power, human rights and media freedom lobbyists have launched a campaign to draw attention to repression in the country. read more »

More than Fashion at US-Africa Summit

Updated: Thu 14 Aug, 02:11 pm

The just-concluded US-Africa Summit showcased a colourful fashion trend from the First Ladies of the various states, writes Halimatou Ceesay for The Point in Gambia. read more »