'Gambia Ranked Third in World Bank Report'

Updated: Mon 16 Feb, 10:50 am

The Minister of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment Abdou Jobe has assured foreign investors to continue working with Gambia as the country's economic perfomance is excelling in the ECOWAS … read more »

How to Mark Gambia's 50th Anniversary

Updated: Thu 19 Feb, 01:04 pm

While several heads of states are in Gambia to celebrate 50 years of independence, many Gambians, including those still detained by the regime and those who live in fear, have little to celebrate, … read more »

Gambia Cracks Down on Homosexuality

Updated: Mon 24 Nov, 10:30 am

The National Intelligence Agency has arrested at least 14 people since November 7, according to Amnesty International. read more »