Allowing Migrants to Die 'Appalling' - UN

Updated: Fri 31 Oct, 09:32 am

A UN human rights expert on migrants has urged British authorities to reconsider a decision not to support search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. read more »

Ethiopian Journalist Desalegn Jailed

Updated: Tue 28 Oct, 04:04 pm

Temesgen Desalegn, the Ethiopian journalist who has been arrested, released and re-arrested after his opinion pieces were published in the now-defunct Feteh news magazine in 2010, has been sentenced. read more »

Ugandan Activists Concerned Over HIV Law

Updated: Fri 24 Oct, 02:47 am

Medical experts and HIV activists have expressed concern over the Uganda HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act which is causing people to shy away from seeking treatment. The Act contains clauses … read more »