Africa: Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

Updated: Mon 7 May, 09:09 am 2012

Many people in Africa have a presence on one of the social networking sites, some become addicted to it for it is the quickest way to contact friends, however, like every good thing, it has a … read more »

How Morocco Censors Sahrawis

Updated: Tue 18 Feb, 08:09 am

Morocco may not use technical means to censor websites, but on the ground in Western Sahara, its police censor via bullying and batons, an eyewitness says. read more »

AllAfrica's Amadou Mahtar Ba One of 'Most Influential' Africans

Updated: Mon 2 Dec, 02:43 pm

AllAfrica's Amadou Mahtar Ba, named by New African magazine as one of Africa's 100 most influential people, has "significantly impacted and realigned" the continent's media landscape, the magazine … read more »