World's Media Chiefs Defend African Media

Updated: Thu 17 Apr, 01:37 pm

The plight of journalists and other media workers in Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa and Swaziland has come under the spotlight at a meeting in Cape Town of the International Press Institute, a global … read more »

Editor 'Secret Security Risk' - Swaziland Govt

Updated: Thu 3 Apr, 05:11 am

The Swaziland government says it has to put Bheki Makhubu, the magazine editor charged with contempt of court, in leg irons because he is a "security risk". read more »

How Morocco Censors Sahrawis

Updated: Tue 18 Feb, 08:09 am

Morocco may not use technical means to censor websites, but on the ground in Western Sahara, its police censor via bullying and batons, an eyewitness says. read more »