Food Security in Africa Depends on Secure Land Rights

Updated: Mon 12 Jan, 04:32 pm

Africa's celebration of a "Year of Agriculture and Food Security" is also a call to boost agricultural development. One in four people in sub-Saharan Africa are undernourished despite the region's … read more »

Burundi, Eritrea Top Global Hunger Index

Updated: Mon 1 Dec, 06:46 am

Two billion people worldwide suffer from hidden hunger, which is a lack of vitamins and minerals, weakens the immune system, stunts physical and intellectual growth, and can lead to death. read more »

Arms Treaty Comes into Force

Updated: Mon 29 Dec, 12:36 am

Five of the top ten arms-exporting nations have already ratified the treaty that comes into effect On 24 December 2014, to regulate the global trade in arms and ammunition. read more »