Welcome to Hellfire, Torture in Nigeria

Updated: Fri 19 Sep, 04:19 am

Torture is routinely used by Nigeria's police and soldiers, says Amnesty International in a new report that documents horrifying acts of brutality which largely go unpunished. read more »

Is South Africa's Youth Wage Subsidy Feasible?

Updated: Thu 24 May, 10:06 am 2012

South Africa's youth wage subsidy proposal has sparked fiery debate amongst political parties and labour, who are opposed to the move, which they say will lead to the exploitation of young graduates … read more »

Civil Unrest In Central African Republic

Updated: Tue 17 Jun, 01:54 pm

The growing systematic violence occuring in the Central African Republic has forced hundreds of thousands to flee the country as refugees, without addequate food or medical services. The international … read more »