Zimbabwe: Water Crisis Hits Harare's Suburbs

Updated: Wed 23 Jan, 03:12 am 2013

Residents continue to be dogged by water shortages, with areas in the central business district and most high density suburbs having to endure frequent long-lasting water cuts. read more »

'World's Poor Have Least Access to Safe Water'

Updated: Fri 21 Mar, 09:30 am

Almost four years after the the global target set in the Millennium Development Goals for safe drinking water was met, more than three-quarters of a billion people still do not have this basic … read more »

Poor Sanitation Claims Hundreds in Tanzania

Updated: Mon 13 Jan, 04:08 am

According to a report by Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, at least 1,500 women and girls die every year from diseases related to water and sanitation. read more »