Taming Waters for Health, Jobs in Yaounde

Updated: Mon 1 Dec, 11:44 am

Extreme weather and torrential rains are increasing flooding across Africa, say climate-change scientists and development planners. Yaounde, capital of Cameroon, is implementing a master plan that has … read more »

Kenya Faced by Water Shortage

Updated: Tue 23 Oct, 08:27 am 2012

Stakeholders in the water, food and energy sectors are meeting in Nairobi to discuss how best to cooperate to improve production in the three sectors and boost the economy. read more »

World Water Week 2012 - Opportunity in Small-Scale Irrigation

Updated: Thu 30 Aug, 02:31 pm 2012

In an interview with Allafrica, the International Water Management Institute's manager for Africa, Timothy Olalekan Williams, explains the potential impact of improved water man read more »