2011 - Media Leaders Focus on Development

Some 350 media owners and editors, meeting in Tunis for the fourth annual African Media Leaders Forum, have been discussing how they can help in improving the living conditions of Africans.
Photo: rDNA

Prime Minister of Tunisia, the honourable Beji Caid El Sebsi relates the story leading to the Tunisian revolution. He spoke of renewed hope of Tunis people, new governance and an active social media landscape.

  • Africa:  Coalition for Media Development in Africa

    Reporting Development Network Africa, 12 November 2011

    In current times of unprecedented technological and social change, media should reconstitute itself in order to stay relevant and respond to challenges, improving living conditions ... read more »

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    African Media Leaders Forum, 12 November 2011

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  • Africa:  Mobile Media - How to Get Your Content to Your Audience

    African Media Leaders Forum, 11 November 2011

    Mobile is often seen as the medium for Africa - the personal, portable devices are more numerous on the continent than traditional desktop computers. read more »

  • Africa:  The AMLF Tunisian Declaration 2011

    African Media Leaders Forum, 11 November 2011

    Issued on November 11, 2011, after the Tunis Forum. read more »

  • Africa:  Tunisian PM, African Media Leaders Tie Free Press to Development

    allAfrica.com, 10 November 2011

    Tunisian Prime Minister Beji Caid el Sebsi says that a year after the uprising that launched "the Arab spring", the country is on the path to achieve the aims of the social ... read more »

  • Tunisia:  Are Legacy Media Still Relevant?

    African Media Leaders Forum, 11 November 2011

    The panel discussion entitled "Media in times of political and social change. Are legacy media still relevant?" took place on 10 November 2011. read more »

  • Tunisia:  PM Says Journalists Must Deliver 'Truth'

    Reporting Development Network Africa, 10 November 2011

    The 4th African Media Leaders Forum opened on a high note in Tunis this morning, with commendations for an active media in these unprecedented times. The theme for the conference ... read more »

Photo: AllAfrica

Tunisian Prime Minister Beji Caid el Sebsi delivers remarks at the 2011 African Media Leaders Forum in Tunis.