How to Get the U.S.-Africa Summit Right

Updated: Thu 24 Jul, 12:41 am

How can the Obama administration ensure a successful outcome for the first U.S.-Africa Summit, which will take place in early August? Former U.S. Ambassador Robin Sanders wants President Obama to hold … read more »

Who Aids Whom?

Updated: Thu 17 Jul, 05:29 am

The true financial relationship of wealthy countries with Africa ... is a relationship in which the world doesn't aid Africa, but in which Africa aids the world, writes Judith Cavanagh of Health … read more »

Brics Set to Launch Development Bank

Updated: Wed 23 Jul, 09:20 am

The Brics grouping comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, have decided that Shanghai, China would be the city in which their new development bank will be based - this as Brazil … read more »