Liberia: Investing in the Nation's Future Through Education

In an opinion piece outlining the progress her administration is making in the educational sector, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf acknowledges that "it is not enough that our children are in school; we must ensure that all children have access to quality education that provides them with literacy, numeracy, critical thinking and other competences for the 21st century".

An elementary school in Monrovia.

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    The New Dawn, 6 July 2012

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    Heritage, 3 July 2012

    The Deputy Managing Director for Operations at the Liberia Petroleum and Refining Company (LPRC) has called on parents and other well meaning philanthropists to prioritize early ... read more »

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    The New Dawn, 6 March 2012

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  • Liberia:  Children's Book Promotes Ethnic Unification

    ONE Liberia, 9 February 2012

    Liberian owned children's book publisher One Moore Book has partnered with ONE Liberia for a workbook to promote ethnic unification among Liberian youth. read more »