Liberian Security Forces Clash With Protesters

Updated: Wed 20 Aug, 10:04 am

Residents of the heavily populated West Point district of Monrovia have clashed with security forces enforcing a mandate by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the area to be quarantined. read more »

Liberia: What Happened at Ebola Unit?

Updated: Tue 19 Aug, 07:21 am

Residents of West Point give their eyewitness accounts of what happened when a group of people ransacked an Ebola isolation centre in Liberia. read more »

Liberia: Curfew After Ebola Center Attack

Updated: Wed 20 Aug, 07:43 am

The communities of West Point in Monrovia and Dolo Town in Margibi have been quarantined under full security watch. read more »