Namibia: Exile Children Demand Jobs

A statement by the ruling party's secretary general angered a group of children called "struggle kids" who stormed into the party's headquarters demanding an explanation and a way forward.

  • Namibia:   'Struggle Kids' Besiege Ruling Party HQ

    New Era, 26 February 2013

    A fight nearly erupted between the police and the 'struggle kids' who wanted to enter the Swapo Party headquarters building by force on the grounds they wanted to meet the party's… Read more »

Photo: IRIN

File photo of street children in Zambia.

  • Namibia:   'Struggle Kids' Eat From Dump

    Namibian, 25 February 2013

    AFTER another month of silence, the so-called 'children of the liberation struggle', also referred to as 'struggle kids,' have resurfaced again but this time they were spotted… Read more »

  • Namibia:   'Struggle Kids' Not Special - Mbumba

    Namibian, 20 February 2013

    THE hopes of the 'children of the liberation struggle' to get jobs in the public service were dealt a major blow after the ruling party's Politburo expressed disapproval of their… Read more »

  • Namibia:   Orphan Registration Stampede At Ongwediva

    Namibian, 19 February 2013

    HUNDREDS of children abandoned classes the past two weeks in the central northern regions to meet the February 15 deadline for the registration of orphans and vulnerable children. Read more »

  • Namibia:   Struggle Kids Could Boycott Elections

    New Era, 18 February 2013

    Children of the veterans of the liberation struggle in the Kavango Region have threatened to boycott polls next year should government fail to provide them with jobs. Read more »

  • Namibia:   Swapo's Shame of the Exile Child

    Namibian, 15 February 2013

    IT WAS somewhat disappointing to hear Prime Minister Hage Geingob give a standard answer about the so-called struggle kids' march for jobs. Read more »

  • Namibia:   Struggle Kids Threaten Nationwide Protest

    New Era, 7 February 2013

    Hundreds of children whose parents fought in the struggle for liberation, including some who were born in exile, on Monday marched to the offices of the regional council in the… Read more »

  • Namibia:   Ohangwena 'Struggle Kids' Camping At Eenhana Swapo Office

    Namibian, 4 February 2013

    ABOUT 800 'children of the liberation struggle' from the Ohangwena Region are camping at the regional Swapo office at Eenhana, demanding government jobs. Read more »

  • Namibia:   'Exile Kids Are War Veterans Too'

    New Era, 1 February 2013

    For some time now the children of liberation struggle veterans born in exile and who are also referred to as 'struggle kids' or 'exile kids', have been demonstrating, or occupying… Read more »

  • Namibia:   We Are All 'Struggle Kids'

    Namibian, 1 February 2013

    This week, everyone and his illiterate cousin (including yours truly) had a full go on social media at the children of veterans who decided to fasten the laces on their well-worn… Read more »

  • Namibia:   Geingob Urges 'struggle Kids' to Call Off March

    New Era, 31 January 2013

    Prime Minister Hage Geingob has asked that the group of 'struggle kids' walking to Windhoek "return to their places of origin and select delegations to engage with the relevant… Read more »

  • Namibia:   Struggle Kids 'Hungry and Thirsty'

    Namibian, 28 January 2013

    THE 370 'children of the liberation struggle' who started marching to Windhoek from Outapi last week claim they are going hungry and thirsty. Read more »

  • Namibia:   Struggle Kids March to Windhoek, Again

    New Era, 24 January 2013

    Prime Minister Hage Geingob must brace himself for an encounter with the 'struggle kids' from the Outapi area, who yesterday began a long march to the capital to see him over their… Read more »

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