Liberia President Reshuffles Cabinet

In a live radio address, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced she has begun transferring some officials from one area of responsibility to the next, while a "few have not been reappointed".
  • Liberia:  President Dismisses Ministers in Reshuffle

    The New Dawn, 12 March 2013

    President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has begun her long awaited cabinet reshuffle here, dismissing one cabinet minister and several deputy ministers, while announcing a new Minister of ... read more »

Members of the Liberian cabinet at a retreat.

  • Liberia:  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the Reshuffling of Her Cabinet

    Liberia Government, 11 March 2013

    My Fellow Liberians: A few months ago, we announced that we would undertake the reorganization of the Executive with special emphasis on the Cabinet. read more »

  • Liberia:  'Earthquake' in Gov't - As Ellen Recycles 'Non - Performing' Officials

    The New Republic Liberia, 11 March 2013

    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has caused what observers have termed minor earthquake in the lifespan of her administration, swinging her axe against officials, whose performance ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Sirleaf Reshuffles Cabinet

    Liberia Government, 11 March 2013

    My Fellow Liberians: read more »

  • Liberia:  Stranded Reshuffle

    The New Republic Liberia, 28 December 2012

    When the Presidential Press Secretary on October 29 of this year told the nation and the rest of the world that the long talked about and awaited cabinet reshuffle was being well ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Ellen Urged to Commission Stakeholder Platform Before Effecting Reshuffle

    Heritage, 4 December 2012

    The Liberia Democratic Institute (LDI) has called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to commission a "multi-stakeholder platform" before implementing the proposed reshuffle, ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Bracing for President Sirleaf's Cabinet Shakeup

    The Analyst, 2 November 2012

    It can not be gainsaid that presidential appointees, including cabinet ministers, managing directors and their principal duties and assistants, are on ice right now following ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Cabinet Rearrangement - a Welcome Decision, Madam President, But...

    The New Dawn, 31 October 2012

    Reports of eminent cabinet rearrangement, including reshuffle and dismissal have again resurfaced in the Liberian media. Even though there had been initial denial of the cabinet ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Ellen's Dismissal Axe Hangs Over Several Gov't Officials

    Heritage, 30 October 2012

    President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is shortly expected to affect her administrative actions against several government officials serving in the Executive Branch. According to ... read more »

  • Liberia:  Dismissals, Reshuffles in Gov't Soon

    The Inquirer, 30 October 2012

    Presidential Press Secretary Jerelimick Piah has told Executive Mansion reporters that in keeping with the ongoing review of performance contracts which was jointly prepared by ... read more »