Ethiopia Is Rising to Its Former Glory

Persistent drought, dictatorship, lack of good governance and other natural and man-made afflictions have impacted negatively on the country's progress. But over the last 25 years, Ethiopia has awoken from years of distressing trauma, writes Tsegay Hagos for the Ethiopian Herald.

  • Ethiopia:   Ethiopia Is Rising to Its Former Glory

    Ethiopian Herald, 19 April 2017

    Historical manuscripts indicate that Ethiopia is one of the four origins of ancient great civilizations ever occurred on this planet. The Axumite civilization which was flourished… Read more »

  • Ethiopia:   A Dream Close to Realization

    Addis Fortune, 14 April 2017

    Ethiopia had been described as a source for water for the African continent. The 12 river basins are attributable to this standing belief. All except the Awash River happen to be… Read more »

Ethiopia's national and regional flags.

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