Agriculture & Food Security - Jobs & Undernourishment

Updated: Wed 1 Oct, 10:08 am

Africa's recent growth has failed to translate into meaningful job creation and the broad-based economic and social development needed to reduce poverty and inequality. Although agricultural growth is … read more »

'Agriculture Best for Creating Jobs'

Updated: Wed 3 Sep, 10:26 am

The agriculture sector is more effective than the oil and gas sectors not only at creating jobs but boosting growth, says the Africa Progress Panel and Sipho Moyo of One at the AGRF summit in Addis … read more »

Uganda's Youth Discover the Beauty in Farming

Updated: Fri 19 Sep, 09:59 am

The 2014 Miss Uganda pageant is particularly trying to recruit women aged between 18 and 25 into farming. There's also a new, unlikely sponsor: the Ugandan army, writes InterPress Service. read more »