South Africa: When Sex is Work

Updated: Wed 5 Sep, 02:12 pm 2012

Surveys in South Africa's major cities show a considerably higher HIV prevalence rate among sex workers than among the general population, making it imperative that South Africans engage in frank and … read more »

Sex Workers Who Can't Get HIV

Updated: Wed 29 Oct, 06:24 am

Researchers are still at a loss when it comes to what appears to be some level of protection from HIV infection observed in sex workers, writes Wycliffe Muga at the HIV Research For Prevention … read more »

Ugandan Activists Concerned Over HIV Law

Updated: Fri 24 Oct, 02:47 am

Medical experts and HIV activists have expressed concern over the Uganda HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act which is causing people to shy away from seeking treatment. The Act contains clauses … read more »