Is Male Circumcision a Good Move for Zimbabwe?

Updated: Tue 2 Oct, 10:31 am 2012

While circumcision has been found to reduce the risk of HIV transmission, some circumcised men are at risk of contracting and spreading the virus believing that it gives them the license to take part … read more »

Uganda Teens Struggle With HIV Disclosure

Updated: Thu 10 Apr, 04:59 am

A survey done by Mildmay Health Centre has revealed that a huge number of adolescents receiving HIV treatment are not open about their status with their sexual partners, while others do not want to … read more »

Ebola Kills Two Liberian Health Workers

Updated: Tue 15 Apr, 07:39 am

The National Health Workers Association of Liberia has announced that two of their members are among the 12 people who have died so far in the country from the deadly Ebola virus. read more »